Document Archiving

Security and peace of mind

Our Thames Industrial Park is accessed via a securely gated single point of entrance, manned and guarded overnight by a security team who also constantly patrol the whole site.

Storage and service centre facilities are housed within three huge, superbly unique Grade 2 Listed multi-storey buildings.

Movement and VESDA heat detection systems are installed to protect against both intrusion and fire, with a trusted local service management provider contracted to monitor alarms and feed through immediately to local Police (Tilbury Town, stationed 3 miles away) and local Fire Services (Orsett, stationed 5 miles away).

Live CCTV operates 24 hours a day and we ensure that every person entering our service centres is identified and accompanied at all times during their visit.

Staff are DRB (formerly CRB) checked and vetted by HM Government and approved to operate in every working area of each building, with access to Storage Levels limited to those authorised to hold electronic pass-cards.

Transport vehicles are all fitted with satellite tracking devices.

Extensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans have been established to BS ISO standards, including remote replication of all our IT systems and communications. Insurance Liability Cover is in place, as appropriate for all major Archiving industry providers.

We acknowledge that all goods stored by us under our Terms of Agreement include personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”). We will comply with any obligations applicable to us under the DPA and in particular, act only on our customers instructions in processing any personal data and not process any personal data for any purpose that is not authorised ; take appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing of any personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, any personal data ; not transfer any personal data outside the countries of the European Economic Area without obtaining our customers prior written consent.

Initial Intakes and Transfers

We will collect your boxes either from your incumbent provider or own buildings if not already outsourcing, deliver in to our service centre and perform all barcode labelling, keying your box-refs to our system and cross-referencing. All at no cost to yourselves. As an added incentive, we promise to contribute to the costs of exiting from your incumbent provider, by way of either an immediate cash-back reimbursement payment or over a scheduled Rent-Free period.

We provide Active live storage for customers based in London and the South East, with guaranteed next day delivery / collection (early bird visit before 9.00 am if required) and will deliver files from boxes if preferred.

Can be charged on a ‘per box per month’ basis ALL INCLUSIVE of handling and transport and only emergency deliveries; scan-on-demand deliveries; bulk shredding; etc billed in addition.

In-Active deep storage is available to all UK customers, charged at a lesser monthly rate with bulk deliveries and bulk shredding billed in addition.

You can manage your Order Processing via our online system which supports Retrieval Requests, Destruction Review, Activity and History Reporting, tailored Cost Centre invoicing. All supplied, including user training, at no cost to yourselves.

Information and Records Management Society members

  • Professional Records Staff
  • Active Archiving
  • Deep Storage

  • Fully Managed Solutions
  • Reliable Delivery & Collection
  • Document Scanning

  • Storage for Files, Media, Archive boxes & Equipment
  • File Destruction
  • Document Shredding

Call our friendly and professional team today and we will make an appointment to visit you and discuss your exact requirements.