Document Scanning

With vast, collective experience and the expertise of our people who have worked in and moved with the ever changing industry for the last 20 years, we’ve learned pretty much everything there is to know about improving your organisation’s document management.

We have been supporting our customers for some while now, delivering standard OCR based solutions to satisfy both back-archive and scan-on-demand requirements, in addition we have recently begun implementing more challenging BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) projects.

As the world moves faster, 1 Big Archive moves with it, that’s why we’re investing substantially in the latest data capture software.

Our customers are benefiting from the most exciting and dynamic areas of technological improvement :

Digital Mailroom

Your daily post, emails and faxes can be redirected to our site every day and sorted in our mailroom, scanned and converted to digital files. The information is intelligently read, captured, organised, processed and then stored on your server or our storage cloud. Using state-of the-art, high volume scanners, we’ll capture and convert it to digital documents such as PDFs so that your employees have easy, instant access to all their mail, from any of their devices, wherever they are in the world.

Our sophisticated software intelligently reads, captures and understands information helping your company streamline its processes by automatically processing invoices, expenses and orders, saving you huge amounts of time spent manually processing and eliminating human error.

HR Document Management

In today’s world, there’s enormous pressure for HR teams to get the right information to the right people, quickly, safely and accurately. Add to this the growing piles of employee and leaver papers and bulging filing cabinets, it’s not an easy task. Using the latest intelligent data capture technology, we can help you manage employee images, recruitment records, employee evaluation, discipline and grievance, sickness and absence, redundancies, health & safety, legal compliance.

Automated Invoice Processing

Using our Digital Mailroom capability, your invoices, expenses and orders can be loaded into the Financial Creditors module which removes the need to manually key in information. We can then process business transactions automatically, set to your unique requirements, guaranteeing to save you money, time and resource.

Digital Document Storage

Some businesses choose to deal with and organise their data by purchasing their own digital document storage and capture solutions, but with the high upfront expense, maintenance, support costs and problems with the lack of cross location access, it’s not the ideal solution for many businesses.

You may also be limited to a fixed storage capacity and as your business grows in scale, you’ll struggle with an increase in high-resolution pictures, multimedia files and large documents, rapidly eating into available storage space, posing a real problem to business operations and processes. With our Cloud storage, we offer a flexible package that can grow as your business needs grow, transferring the high capital costs into manageable operational costs.

With rapid, high-bandwidth internet connections, our Cloud allows live operating documents and data to be stored off-site yet still perfectly accessible wherever you are. Plus, with off-site storage, it allows for data redundancy and backup storage, a typical high cost for businesses, if purchasing backup storage hardware.

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